Who we are and what we do!

2J is a reputable business that pride themselves in transforming customers houses. 2J have over 18 years experience in render and plastering systems. We are colour render specialist with an eye to detail like no other! We work with all brands including k rend, parex, Weber, vpi, ecorend and all top brands in the industry. 2J will advise on the the first site visit what the best option is to transform your house and from there work with you to get your house transformed. 2J cover the materials, scaffold, labour and the removal of waste upon completion.

Why choose coloured render?

Render years ago was used to cover up defects on a property, today coloured render is the way to add value to your property including thermal values. Not only that coloured render will transform and hole and make your home unique. Give 2J a call and you will not be disappointed.